Tess Pearce

Committee Treasurer


My Name is Tess Pearce ,I was born with with another name which was Simone Astley .On the 9th or 10th of July 1968 , I was born at St Margaret’s Hospital Darlinghurst NSW. On the 14th September 1968. I was adopted out and given a new name and a new Birth certificate with my adoptive name, and a new family .To this day I don’t know what date I was born as Hospital records and Birth certificate have 2 different dates.

During my years I have traced my Birth mother twice, and both times she has Rejected all contact.

I have found a half sister in the USA with whom I’m hoping to have contact with , to this day I still have not found my birth father even through DNA and many years of searching.

I currently live in Inverell NSW and am employed as an Operations Manager. I have a long term Partner and a Daughter who are my world.

I Advocate for other Adoptees as I feel we need access to all information that is ours , such as biological Medical information, and to have the right to know where we come from so that we know where we are going in life.

The trauma from Adoption is lifelong and is like a book we place on the shelf and constantly take back down to open and read through again and again , looking over the basic information that was given at he time of our birth which sadly is very little .